The Odiya film industry, popularly called as Ollywood has always been seen to the external world; outside the osisha. Our focus is to bring revolutionize in the way people see films from this country. It is important for us to swell our operations and distribution network national so that people from different regions see Odiya movies as justifiable and part of their society. For this purpose We are working towards creating well-built contented and movies that we believe are completely plausible, aim to match content with business. MORE
Uttam Kumar Panigrahi
Welcome to home of GAYATRI ENTERTAINMENT, a name synonymous with films. Gayatri Entertainment founded in 2014 went on to become a household names in Odisha Cinema. .
Today GAYATRI stands at the forefront of film & digital post-production services in OdishaMORE
We are just as committed to the professional Film production for the talent necessary to produce such quality films and television productions, especially the number of films and television productions we will be producing each and every year.

At present we have one major upcoming film ”COLLEGE TIME”, one of which has already being shooting four feature films or television productions every year over the next five years. MORE
5th Sept
Actor / Actress has been chosen for the Upcoming movie College Time.
15th August
Video & Audio is set to be release in 1st November 2014.
1st August
Audition for character role has been started.